Learn How To Upload Image On 2go & Continue Chatting While Uploading


 There are some Tips & Trick you don’t know is neccessary but when Infoloaded Published the Solution, You will always Smile & Say Yes, Thats it.

It’s very annoying when chatting on 2go, You decided to Upload a new profile pics and you have to wait/stop chatting just because you want to Upload a new Profile pics…. This is very annoying especially when you are using a S40 Phone, S60 users can just Minimize 2go and do other things.. Infoloaded will put an End to that today, Now you can Chat and Upload Profile pics in Background.
1. When Uploading the Image and you want to Continue Chatting, Just Press Zero, a Short-cut will appear on your Screen like this.

2. Then Press 3 on your Phone Keypad and you Should be taken Back to your Chat Page. You can Press any Number you want to perform any Option as shown on the Image above, Your Image should be Uploading in Background.
That's All | No More waiting for Image to Finish Uploading before continue chatting on Infoloaded!

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