Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria Limited has operations are concentrated in the Niger Delta and adjoining shallow offshore areas where it operates in an oil mining lease area of around 31,000 square kilometres.

SPDC has more than 6,000 kilometres of pipelines and flow lines, 87 flow stations, 8 gas plants and more than 1,000 producing wells. The company employs more than 4,500 people directly of whom 95 per cent are Nigerians. Some 66 per cent of the Nigerian staff members are from the Niger Delta. Another 20,000 people are employed indirectly through the network of companies that provide supplies and services.
Job Title: Exploration Geologist
Location: Lagos
Reference number: F28067
  • Develop and maintain regional geological models for petroleum systems and propose data purchase or studies to test these concepts.
  • Compile relevant data, identifying critical information that impact assessments.
  • Evaluate and integrate all relevant data in order to make a technically sound assessment of the prospectives of basins, plays and prospects using play-based exploration principles.
  • Conduct regional 3D and 2D seismic data interpretations, including well-seismic correlation, depth conversion, visualisation, and data management.
  • Integrate subsurface well data into regional and prospect-specific seismic interpretation, including facies interpretations, geological controls on reservoir distribution, petrophysics etc.
  • Mature and assess the potential of identified prospects, generating well proposals where justified.
  • Participate in acreage evaluations.
  • Seek timely integration of required contributions from specialists together with own expertise. Ensure cross-discipline integration with PE and geophysical inputs.
  • Conduct or direct specialist geological and geochemical studies and integrate potential field’s data (gravity, magnetics).
  • Utilise GIS for mapping and maintain appropriate data management procedures for archiving and retrieval.
  • Assess regional and prospect risks and uncertainties.
  • Technical, Coach and mentor younger less experienced geologists and other staff, as needed.
  • Experienced E&P professional, preferably including operational experience.
  • Advanced degree in geology or other geosciences discipline required (Masters or higher).
  • Strong technical and analytical skills with subsurface experience and proven track record in a variety of stratigraphic and structural settings.
  • Thorough understanding of prospect maturation/appraisal and early exploration phase data acquisition requirements and associated operations.
  • Workstation skills and ability to provide quality interpretations (2D and 3D) and data interpretations leading to the generation of well proposals and acreage acquisition/divestment.
  • An in-depth knowledge of depositional systems and sequence stratigraphic principles. Ability to network and collaborate with subsurface (RE, PT, geochem, basin modeling, WE), surface (facilities-cost engineering) and other non-technical disciplines.
  • Ability and confidence to work and think independently, including outside areas of core competence, while contributing as team player.
  • Strong HSE awareness.
  • Willingness to challenge dogma.
Application Deadline: 26th March, 2012
How to Apply:
Interested candidates should click here to apply online
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