Applying for admission in abroad is not difficult and admission are 75% guaranteed. below are few tips on how to apply for admission, financial aids, and scholarship in an international school.
Requirements: WAEC result, Transcripts, Application fee, International passport, TEOFL, and passport photograph.

You are only Eligible for this information or package if you are in need with one of the target points below.
Do you wish to study or Apply for Admission in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Zealand,  European and American Universities or colleges
-Do you need a Loan or sponsorship to Finance your study While in Abroad/Overseas
-Do you want to apply for Scholarship, work study program and Visa in American or European Schools
-Do you want to Study for Free in Europe or One of Top Ten University or College in World (Harvard University, Cambridge, Oxford, Princeton or Yale University).

This report posted in “loan for Nigeria” was created for information purposes only. It should be used and applied as directed. The information in this E-book is all about how to obtain loan, apply for scholarships, foreign admission, work study and VISA application in any part of the world mainly USA, CANADA, UK, AND AUSTRALIA
           Importance of Loan, Scholarship 

-Loan or Financial aid can help you attend a more expensive AND best school in the world.
-Financial aid or loan also helps you with all of these expenses like Tuition,

Health service fee, Student service fee, Room, board including an additional standard allowance for travel expenses.

Admission and Work study Applications:  First if you which to study or live overseas, you must possess documentations that you will present to a visa officer that will grant you permission into that country. For those student who want to study abroad you must apply for admission to the country you which to study and wait for some couples of weeks to get your admission letter.  

Admission procedure and application differs from country to country. Gaining admission in most of this foreign country is not difficult except you didn’t meet their admission requirements but you have over 70% getting admission when you apply. For example when applying for admission in Canada  you will not undergo much stress,  you are only required to pay application fee, present documents like final  school result ( waec), transcript, international passport then within 3 to 6 weeks  they send down your admission  with curie services  strait to your home.  Also USA, Uk and some other European and American countries has different application process.
The good news is, you can apply for admission yourself without the help of any agent or consultants. I have explained all this for you which you will download in the package below for free. But if you need a consultant to do this for you they are readily available to apply for you in any university in US, Canada or UK without you visiting there office. They are most reputable virtual educational consultant to perfect your admission process for you.

If you have your admission ready, is time to start planning your finance. We knew the hardship of earning living in Nigeria today not to talk more studying abroad. Many Nigerian find it difficult to afford the cost of education to study in university overseas. But to me I must tell you to study abroad is the cheapest. HOW?  The answer really comes if you know your way out. If you study the background of many prominent Nigerians who graduated from schools overseas, you will understand that this people were once poor but were able to affords education overseas

-Now the Big question is………….

-How were they able to afford their education overseas?

-How were they able to source their finance while they study abroad?

In fact I will tell you to study abroad is cheapest compare to Nigeria, if you really understand the benefit of studying abroad (I mean not any how country). Just look around in big firms in Nigeria today, Most Challenging government positions, CEO, Managing Directors and so on. You will see that virtually all this people graduated overseas, in reputable countries.

Nigerian governments, individual, employer understand the quality of abroad education and they prefer this people first before any from Nigeria. Apart from been considered for job in Nigeria

-You will be able to compete in an international labor market when applying for job position       
 -You can easily find a job in any country

-You can start on your own because of the foreign education benefits.

There are number of way to finance your education  abroad  if really want to study abroad

                                                LOAN FACILITY

Loans are readily available either through individual, bank, government and others. But most of these loans do not prevail without having collateral. But I am showing you how to finance your education without collateral. These are external body (international Educational Consultant) in Nigerian that are in collaboration with foreign bank oversea that help student with loan.

What this consultant does is that they act as your guarantors, help you apply for admission, then pay your tuition and living expenses required direct to your applied school and you will be expected to pay back after six months of your graduation while working. This international Educational Consultants goes as far help you in applying a job in the school that would assist part of your need while in the school.

Or If have already gotten an admission in any oversea university abroad take your admission or acceptance letter to them and they will start to processing your loan immediately.


YES. If you do not want to apply for loan. Scholarship is readily and plentifully available for international student who are willing to apply. But I will not only show you schools school that offers partial scholarship but schools that give you full scholarship or financial aid after you are admitted. Such schools like Harvard University, when you apply to this schools it is expected that every admitted student most apply for financial assistance, you will not be denied of education because of money that is if you are admitted. So as some other universities I will show you. These school have a special admission process, their admission are not base on your marks or score but it is base on academic achievement, experiences and many other ways.

More these schools will not only consider you for scholarship, but gives you a job and some monetary awards to finance your education. This financial assistance covers your tuition, living expenses and allowances. 

The admission to this schools are very competitive, over 30,000 applicants every year it is only outstanding students are admitted to these schools. If you don’t know what actually these schools need then admission is not for you. But you don’t have to worry because I have already done this for you. The package you will download below will guide you on how to apply and guaranteed of been admitted.

All you need to do is to download your package below, read through and choose any university of your choice mainly from USA, CANADA, UK and GERMANY of your choice then your application begins.
It is your right time now to apply if you want to resume your study this year 2012. 

                                   FREE TUITION FREE UNIVERSITY
Some countries especially in Europe do not pay dim for study and this free tuition universities cover international students. When you are admitted you will study for free till you graduate.
There are no application fee all you have to do is to apply online then send your supporting documents to the school.  So you have to hurry up, download your package because most of this school are open for application once or twice in a year. Don’t fall into loop holes just grab package and apply to your school and study for free.

To Start Your Application, Just read through the application process as below!


 With your response as below, You will receive full directory how to begin. The time is now!
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