The Nigerian Airforce Secondary School has been released guidelines for Nigerian Airforce Secondary School 2012/2013 admission and the instructions for submitting your application.

Please you are enjoined to read the instructions below and follow the steps to ensure that your form is properly filled.
1.) Purchase your scratch card from the nearest Nigerian air force unit.
2.) Scratch off the covering to reveal the 13digit pin number e.g (AFSS111111111)
3.)Please note that pin number starting with AFSS is for all the Air Force Secondary Schools, while pin number starting with AFMS Is for Airforce Military School, Jos   Only
4.)The login on the left is for all the Airforce Secondary Schools while the login on the right is only for Airforce Military School, Jos.
5.)After entering your pin number and serial number, click on the register now   button.
6.) When the page is open fill the form very carefully.
7.) Please note that your exam center cannot be changed after filling the form.
8.) After submitting the form you will be directed to the next page from where you can preview the information that you have entered.
9.) Click on the continue button to continue with your application or edit button to edit your application.
10.) If you click on the continue button you will be directed to a page where you will be assigned an exam number .however, if you click on the edit button you will be taken  back to a page where you can edit the application details.
11. After been assigned an exam number click on the continue button.
12. Click on the print photo card button to print a photo card that is mandatory for entrance into the examination hall.
13. Finally, click on the logout button to end the application.
14. To edit your application any time, please enter your pin number in the appropriate   text box
15. Please note that the closing date for application into Air Force Military School, Jos is on the 31ST of MARCH, 2012 while that of all other Air Force Secondary Schools closes on   the 21ST of APRIL, 2012.
Click here to submit your application
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