BlackBerry Recruiting Student Ambassadors


As a BlackBerry® Messenger you’ll receive:

Invites to exclusive brand parties, get VIP treatment at all the freshest events and phattest concerts in your area, get kitted out in trendy brand gear, adoration and admiration from your fellow peers when you become the most popular guy or girl on campus, and of course a BlackBerry® Smartphone to show off to your friends and fellow students.

Not to mention, you'll also gain invaluable networking and marketing experience.

As a BlackBerry® Messenger you’ll receive:

Simply speaking, by helping to spread the word about the fastest-growing smartphone on the planet. And walk the walk?
This is the sort of person we're looking for:

•   Preferably, but definitely not limited to, someone who lives on campus
•   A 1st, 2nd or 3rd year student that will be on campus for the rest of 2012 and 2013
•   Someone who has a knowledge of, and is willing to scout and attend all the exciting happenings and biggest parties on campus
•   Someone who can organise an event on or off campus
•   Someone who can handle the campus authorities

•   Someone who is fun, loving and approachable
•   And finally, someone who is ready to be the next campus icon and is looking for the experience of a lifetime!

Applicants who make the shortlist will be contacted by telephone notifying them of interview times & venues and will also receive business card to hand out to friends and students to secure their vote.

Dead line 18th May 2012
Entries received after the DEADLINE will not be considered
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