(3a)Give five reasons why consummer need protection
(3b)explain 5means by which consummer can b procted.

(6a)define advertisement
(b)list and explain 5media of advertisement

(4a)explain 5 important of transport to commercial

(8a)explain 5 function of commercial bank
(b)define market

(7a)state d differences b/w indigenazation and nationalizatn
(b state 5 advantage of nationalization

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3ai)Because without it they are subject to being ripped off by

ii) being sold faulty goods and being unable to change them
iii)being sold things that are not what they were advertisedas being.
iv)Without protection from these kinds of practices and many others a consumer is
in a very bad position if they buy something from some irresponsible traders.

3bi) it promotes a more efficient functioning of the market by compensating for the imbalance between consumers and sellers
as regards bargaining power and informational control.
ii)Consumers are generally isolated individuals who do not have the substantial resources or power to engage traders in specific and
favourable bargains.
iii) in light of the standard form contracts which are dominantly used in
electronic contracts around most parts of the world.
6a)A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or
publicizing a job vacancy
6b) i.) sponsors,
ii) traditional media;
iii) mass media
iv) newspaper,
v) magazines,
vi)television commercial,
vii) radio advertisement,
viii) outdoor advertising

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