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This is to guide students who gain admission into any U.S university or college that will be going for interview any moment from now. American Visa interview officers are well trained to identify good from bad students. If you are well prepared with answers for F1 Visa Interview Questions, then you can get through the interview.

  • When you walk to the interview window, have a big smile and wish them. You could say Hi, Hello, Good Morning, Good Evening.
  • Eye Contact is MUST. From the moment you walk-in towards the window, look deep into their eyes and smile and wish them “Hello”.
  • If you don’t make good eye contact, then you are reducing your chances to get F1 Visa. Now, you made good eye contact, then its about how to present your answers.
  • Next big thing – Don’t Lie for the questions asked.
  • If you lie and if they identify that you are lying, then your entry into U.S.A is will be tough.
Q.1) Why do you wish to study in USA and not in homeland?
 Q.2) What if you get a US degree here, would you like to go to US again for higher Studies?
Q.3) Why did you select US for higher studies? Isn’t this course offered by any university or college in India?
Q.4) What is the purpose of your trip?
Q.5) Have you ever been to US?

Q.6) Which university are you planning to go to?
Q.7) Can you tell me some details about your university?
Q.8) Why have you chosen this specific university?
Q.9) Can you tell me the location of the university/college?
Q.10) Why did you choose this institute and how did you find about it?
Q.11) How many universities did you apply for? (Both admits and rejects)
Q.12) Can you mention the names of some professors?
Q.13) Did you receive any scholarships?

Q.14) What course are you going for?
Q.15) Why did you select this course? Is it relevant to your previous studies?
Q.16) Why are you taking this course?
Q.17) What is the course structure & contents?
Q.18) Why don’t you do this course in your country?
Q.19) How long will your studies last?
Q.20) What is the scope of your course?
Q.21) What do you plan to study at the university?
Q.22) What benefit will bring this course to you?
Q.23) What is the course commencement date?
Q.24) What will be the total cost of per year?
Q.25) Where will you stay in US?

Q.26) Where did you do your last course of study?
Q.27) What is your specialization?
Q.28) What is your High School, Degree or Master’s percentage or grade?
Q.29) What are your subjects in last course of study (High School, Degree or Master’s)?

CURRENT JOB/BUSINESS (if applicable)
Q.30) Show your Experience Certificate. (if applicable)
Q.31) (If you are currently working) Why are you leaving your current job?
Q.32) Could you please show me your TOEFL/IELTS scorecard?
Q.33) Why are your TOEFL/IELTS score low

Q.34) What does your father do?
Q.35) How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Q.36) What is your father’s annual income?
Q.37) Where your brother/parents did completed their studies.
Q.38) Do you have a brother / sister, or any other relative already at this university?
Q.39) Where did your brother/parents complete their studies?

Q.40) Have you got any Loans?Q.41) What are the sources of income of your sponsor?
Q.42) What proof do you have that your sponsor can support your studies?
Q.43) Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?
Q.44) Who is sponsoring you?
Q.45) Could you please show me the passbook or bank statements?
Q.46) How many people are dependents of your sponsor?Q.47) Why is he sponsoring you? (if not father)
Q.48) How much money is available for your stay in US?
Q.49) How are you related to your sponsor (if not father)?
Q.50) How will you finance your education funds for 4 years? (Generally you have to prove that you can fund the first year of your education but we suggest that you be prepared with this answer).

Q.51) What are you plans after completing your studies?Q.52) Have you researched your career prospects?
Q.53) What will you do after completing BA/B.SC/BS/PGD/MA/MBA/MS/M.Sc?
Q.54) What will you do after coming back to Home?
Q.55) How much money can you earn after your completion of studies?
Q.56) What are you future plans after completion of your studies?
Q.57) Do you intend to work in US during or after completion of your studies?
Q.58) How can you prove that you will come back after finishing your studies?

Q.59) Do you have any relatives in the US?
Q.60) Do you know anyone (in USA) in your University?
Q.61) If the VISA officer asks why should I grant you VISA what should I answer?
Q.62) What will you do if your Visa is rejected?

Q.63) Have you ever visited any other country?
Q.64) Will you come back to home during summers?
Q.65) What will you do during the off period/semester?

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