Sequel to our earlier circular Ref No: IMM/S/1823/1/T1/6 dated 10th March, 2014, I am directed to inform you that the recruitment exercise will still hold has scheduled (15th March, 2014) but at the preferred states of choice as indicated while applying. Also:
  1. All candidates must report at the examination centre at 7:00am;
  2. Only candidate with acknowledgement slips will be allowed to participate in the exercise;
  3. Candidates are to participate in the physical fitness test and must fulfill the following:-
  1. Should be between 18-35 years old;
  2. Male candidates shall not be less than 1.68 meter tall with full expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.87 meter while female candidates shall not be less than 1.65 meter tall;
  3. Should not have any physical deformity.
  1. Candidates are to come into the examination halls with only their acknowledgement slips; pencils and erasers for the written examination.
  2. The examination shall commence 4:00pm and not later than the approved commencement time.
  3. The duration of the examination is 30minutes.
  4. Candidates are expected to circle answers on the question paper.
  5. Security will be provided be the state commands and Civil Defence. Candidates are expected to co-operate fully with them.
  6. Team leaders should address the accredited candidates prior to commencement of the examination in other to certify that the question papers have not been tampered with.
  7. Team leaders should submit all examination materials immediately on arrival from venues. On no account should examination materials be taken home, as doing so will attract severe penalty
HY Malgwi
Deputy Comptroller General of Immigration Service (HRM)
For: Comptroller General of Immigration Service
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