Fully Funded Stanford University Knight Hennessy Scholarship Programme in USA

Knight-Hennessy Scholars builds up a network for future pioneers to address complex difficulties through joint effort and advancement.

Due date: October 9.

Up to 100 Knight Hennessy Scholarships are currently accessible to seek after any advanced education at Stanford in the USA. Understudies from around the globe are qualified to apply for this grant program.

The point of the grant is to call understudies from around the globe to get full financing to seek after a wide?ranging graduate training at Stanford, with the objective of building up another age of worldwide pioneers.

Grants are granted to seek after any advanced education at Stanford, from PhDs in expressions, training, designing, humanities, or sociologies to proficient degrees in business, law, or prescription.

Area: United States


Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program furnish the beneficiary with following advantages:

A cooperation connected legitimately to cover educational cost (similar with the standard departmental dimension of enlistment) and related expenses.

A stipend for living and scholastic costs, (for example, food and lodging, books, scholarly supplies, instructional materials, nearby transportation, and sensible individual costs).

A movement stipend proposed to cover an economy-class ticket for one yearly outing to and from Stanford.

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program commonly does not take care of costs that your home office at Stanford pays for its understudies –, for example, for memberships or lab hardware.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars is a magnet for ability. We clergyman a multidisciplinary network of researchers, offer a stage for deliberate administration advancement, and engage you to impact enormous scale positive effect on the planet.


Knight-Hennessy Scholars likewise may apply for supplemental assets to help scholastic undertakings (for example meeting travel).

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program assets up to the initial three years of your alumni instruction, and if your degree program surpasses three years —, for example, a MD or PhD. program, or a Stanford double or joint-degree program — at that point your Stanford home office will support the rest of your instruction to the degree steady with its standard subsidizing duty for that program.


You should check every division's site for a feeling of what it looks for in competitors. For Knight-Hennessy Scholars:

First/Bachelor's Degree Received in 2014 or Later; Enrolling in 2019 or Later. You are qualified to apply in the event that you apply inside four years and enlist inside five years, after you procure your first/four year certification. For the class taking a crack at 2019, that implies you more likely than not graduated in 2014 or later and must apply in 2018. Te Program will choose Scholars who select at Stanford in 2019 or later.

In case you're still in school concentrating for your first/four year college education, you're qualified to apply as long as you complete your first/four year certification before you select as an alumni understudy at Stanford. Regardless of whether you have earned an advanced education as of now, you stay qualified for thought as long as you earned your first/four year college education inside four years of applying and five years of selecting.

In the event that you graduated with your first/four year college education over four years prior (in 2013 or prior), at that point you are not qualified for thought as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar. This applies regardless of whether you have earned an extra degree in 2014 or later.

You should finish your Knight-Hennessy Scholars application as well as the whole application process including any state administered test that your advanced education program requires (GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and so forth.) and if necessary, an English capability test.

You should be initial step mental sharpness, searches out information and new encounters, loaded with unique thoughts, understands equivocal circumstances and can hold a contrarian or contradicting perspective.

You should be eager, in the best feeling of the word, headed to improve self, willing to go out on a limb. Mindful and continues and bobs once more from affliction. By and by unassuming and kind, comprehensive regards distinction, worried for and supportive to other people and Low personality.

You should be familiar with English — tuning in, perusing, talking, and composing — to learn at Stanford. The base TOEFL score for most alumni programs at Stanford is 100iBT or 600PBT. All Stanford advanced education programs acknowledge the TOEFL, and the MBA Program likewise acknowledges the IELTS and PTE. You can find out about scores here.

We look for defiant personalities and free spirits. We welcome individuals who are sharp masterminds, yet much more so inquisitive, who will convey smart thoughts and dissident points of view to old difficulties.

Consistently, up to 100 high-accomplishing understudies from around the globe will get full financing to seek after any advanced education at Stanford, including the DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MS, and PhD programs, just as joint-and double degrees. Knight-Hennessy Scholars is the biggest completely invested researchers program on the planet.

Qualified Regions: Open for All.


Initial Step: You should make a record here.

Second Step: You should finish and present the online application for affirmation (counting individual and scholarly data, and so forth.). The college will request essential biographic and statistic subtleties, just as clarifications of your exercises and interests.

Third Step: You should present the accompanying archives:

Give an informal or self-announced transcript of your scholastic execution in school and, if material, graduate school for every foundation you went to for a scholarly year or more. On the off chance that you are unfit to give an informal transcript. Your transcript must, if pertinent, incorporate the degree gave and the conferral date. We needn't bother with transcripts from study-abroad encounters if those credits are incorporated on your transcript.

You will incorporate a resume that outlines your intelligent person, individual, and expert foundation and achievements. Our standard is one page for each time of involvement after auxiliary school.

Two proposal letters.

Exposition (You may present a most extreme aggregate of 1,750 words for both articles joined) incorporate that:

Come to an obvious conclusion. How have the impacts throughout your life formed you?

By what method will you seek after your life's calling? By what means will your Stanford training and your Knight-Hennessy Scholars experience to help this?

Two short answer reactions: Please disclose to us eight far-fetched realities about you. If it's not too much trouble list three objectives/targets that you are moving in the direction of this moment (being admitted to Stanford as well as being chosen as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar can't consider one of those objectives).

Video story: Your video can be no longer than two minutes in span. On the off chance that you just need 30 seconds to reply, that is fine
  • There is no expectation or obligation for you to speak for the maximum time.
  • In-person assessment.
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Knight-Hennessy Scholars develops a community of future global leaders to address complex challenges through collaboration and innovation.
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